Statement of Intent

Within this project I want to try and portray how students feel to the general public, within my animation I want to make the general public aware of the situation that is going on and how we 'students' feel we have been lied to, and that Nick Clegg broke his 'promises' he pledged to us.
I will do this by researching into every pledge Nick Clegg promised and how the outcome stands now he is part of a collision government.
I want my animation to be shown in a public place e.g. before a film at the cinema so that the general public has to watch it or it being projected in a shopping center so that it catches the eye of the public.
I will use after effects with this project to make a short moving animation, with different effects added and I will concentrate on pace so that the animation flows and that the audience is captivated throughout. I will also add music to the animation which I feel will pull the whole thing together to create emotion and atmosphere, it will allow rhythm which will allow the viewer to connect to the piece and understand it. I will make a flow chart which will manage my time and allow me to see what technology I need to use and when.