Monday, 14 February 2011

Typography movie

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  1. I then started to research into more typography based animations, i found that within this piece a voice over is necessary without one it would not be legible, the voice over allows them to do the reading and you to follow the piece along, this does work successfully, however i do not like how the pace it to quick and i feel like you can not connect to this piece it just it what it is, i do not feel i gain any information from this piece i just watch it and then that it, i feel that this is because it does not connect with the viewer, the viewer is given everything on a plate and just has to work it, the movement and everything happens within it, is a very fast pace, which does not allow the viewer to appreciate the effects it has within the piece.
    This is why the pace on an animation is so vital for making it successful or not. However with the voice over is not allow viewer to loose concentration but i feel this is because they are being told what is going on.