Monday, 14 February 2011

A girl effect

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  1. This animation gave me a totally different view on how to portray a strong view, just with the use of typography, it the script flows and allows you to read and follow it, i feel it can portray just as strong view as images, i know that a image speak a 1000 words but i feel if the words are structured and the pace is right then the audience can understand and flow with it just as much as a image based piece.
    I feel music or a voice over is important to make the piece have rhythm especially with typography piece because it can make words or phrases stick out and be noticed.

    This animation flows so well, the words are paced in such an order that reading it feels like you can see exactly what they are talking about, the music connects with the girl completely and you feel apart of the whole story from start to finish. The typography is just one font through-out which i feel works because then instead of your eyes look at the different typefaces you can concentrate on the meaning behind the piece and the movement of the typography. How one piece connect to the next sentence makes you want to read more, it runs smoothly and when then is a pause it is for a reason which connects with the script.