Monday, 28 February 2011

Script 2

Black background white type
Remember the general elections
Students do

Nick Clegg’s Pledge to us…
“Broken Promises
There have been too many in the last few years
Too many in the last 30 years
Count up to 30
In fact our nation has been littered with them
Littered with font
A trail of broken promises
Trail the word off
(You remember them )
Fairer taxes
Line through the words
A promise broken
Better schools for everyone
Line through the words
A promise broken
Cleaner politics
Line through the words
A promise broken
I believe its time to do things differently
Flip the words round
I believe its time for fairness in Britain
I believe its time for promises to be kept
Empty the word kept

I pledge to vote against any increase in fees in the next parliament and to pressure the government to introduce a fairer alternative”…

And one by one every liberal democrat promised to vote against any increase in tuitions fees
Photos of each of them turns to dots (of just dots)

Blue and yellow background white writing
Box round the votes collision
BUT once a collision government was formed
Blue and yellow screen fit against each other until the blue wins
The policies the liberal democrats “Promised” then became unfeasible!?

White background black writing

“As leader I will define party policy as it is, which is to scrap tuitions fees”
Pile up scrap tuitions fees

A Promise Broken

1 comment:

  1. Instead of making a story board i made a script which red highlight of what i want each word to do, this helped me visualize the end outcome, and i feel i can adapt the script as it goes along with what i feel work and does not work, i want to try and do several different things throughout the script as i was it to be captivating and interesting throughout, i have chose certain things i want the words to do which relate to the actual meaning of the word or sentence, this was influenced by Watching Words Move and Virtual Typography.
    I want my script to flow as well as 'Girl effect' as i feel the editing, pace, and motion throughout the video is made to a high standard.
    I also am hugely inspired by 'What Barry Says' and how he portrayed such a strong political view.