Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Super Mario Demo and Images

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  1. My ideas developed from the piggy bank to super mario idea, this developed because the key element i wanted to portray was that i feel the government are taking students money off them.
    So i felt like the government was almost playing a game with student futures, so this related to super mario being a 'game' to represent them playing a game with us.
    The idea was that super mario would be David Cameron and Nick Clegg would be Luigi ( because Luigi follow everything that Super Mario does, his partner in crime)
    As Super MArio goes round the stages of the game he collects money, and gains powers from it e.g. like crashing everything out his way, so the idea came that he would crash down universities, whilst collecting off students.
    I felt like this idea would be eye catching, fun for students to watch and have a serious meaning behind it, however i felt that this may be inpiratical for me to achieve and would need a animator to achieve this standards.
    i could however use stop motion to show the animation i would create however i do not think it would give the final outcome i would be hoping for.