Monday, 28 February 2011

Virtual Typography, Matthias Hillner

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  1. This book had several examples of moving typography, it showed in some cases that it can start of as an illusion and turn into something you can read but also vis versa, i am hugely influenced by this because it will capture the audience, keep their attention and them wanting more, i also really like the last image because the text is within an image which creates meaning behind both, which was shown in 'Watching Words Move' but this time instead of the words showing their actual meaning its creating an image for the viewer to connect to, each of these things would make a video captivating and interesting which i am inspired by. The different movement the typography can create the more fun and interesting the piece would be, also if you are just relying on typography as the main source for the movie then the more things that happens and that are created within the piece will make the audience watch for longer.