Monday, 14 February 2011

Government wins student tuition fees vote as protest grows

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  1. After looking at short animations i wanted to start researching more about how people felt towards the rise in tuition fees and what the government are actually doing and what has happened, i found this news clip which showed exactly what has been happening on the day of the vote, this gave me a good insight to see how the students felt and what happened with the vote, and the stats of how many people vote for and against.
    From this short clip i feel that everyone blames Nick Clegg "Shame on you for turning blue" Student feel that they were promised in Nick Clegg's pledge he would scrap tuition fees, now in with conservative he has changed to the conservatives way of thinking and it is now rising. Students feel cheated and are very angry about this, so this is a clear point i would like to portray within my piece i feel that i would aim this piece to the general public to show exactly how the students are feeling and that we are not over exaggerating about the situation and how every student was lied to.