Monday, 14 February 2011

A girl effect.. the clock is ticking

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  1. The animation before called 'The girl Effect' this is a carry on from that, this animation uses more techniques but i feel it work equally as well as the first, it just gives you a ore in depth view on the point raised, it uses camera views and animations of a little girl, in the first animation it allows you to create a little girl within your imagination however this animation create her to allow you to just go along with the piece and shows you exactly what is going on, this piece hits home more because it gives you more hard facts and it creatively uses animations to link with what is being said. The music again plays a huge factor to this piece is allows you to flow with the piece, the tone of the music fits in with the piece exactly the tempo make the reading flow.
    I am Hugely inspired by both of these animations, and feel the point raised in both animation are clearly shown and the viewer after wards understands a lot more about the whole situation, this is influential because that is exactly what i want to do within my piece.