Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Places that i want my animation to be shown

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  1. I want my animation to be shown in a public place like projected in a shopping mall or in a high street, a bit like Banksy, i want this because i feel that every student has a strong opinion about the student fees and i feel that other people are unaware of this, i want the public to understand how we feel like we've been cheated and lied to and how this is effecting us, if i place it in a public place it will attract attention (like Banksy's work) and create a conversation starter, i want the general public to be aware of the situation, i also feel if it was shown before a film at the cinema that people would have to sit there and watch it which would allow all sorts of people to listen and take it the point i am raising, If my movie is successful then it will give backing to the students and maybe in the future something will change, but for the time beginning it will make more people aware, instead of hearing about student always rioting they will understand why they actually are doing these things. Because i feel riots give the wrong impression however if people watched this video they may understand in a less violent way.