Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Evaluation + Final Piece- Broken Promises.

Final- Critical Role - Broken Promises from Harry on Vimeo.


This project we had to pick a point from three option i choose Student Fees, i started with ideas, with a picture sequence and then quickly moved onto the Super Mario idea, this idea was that Super Mario (David Cameron) and Luigi (Nick Clegg) went around the kindom collecting money (student money) and crushing university along the way, this proved impractical because i needed an animator to achieve this to the level i wanted, i then researched into several video clips and i found one called 'the girl effect' this inspired me greatly, i was so captivated throughout the whole video that i felt typography would be strong enough to base my whole animation around.
I researched into the pledges and promises that Nick Clegg said before the election i wanted to find out what he exactly said so i would be able to portray a accurate view, i found this shocking as i kept researching and the promises got bigger, i then gathered enough information to collect a script, my script was about how Nick Clegg started off promising us these policies and how every other politician promised policies but always broke the promises and how every liberal democrat supported his promise to scrap tuition fees but when it was in power with the conservative, this then all of a sudden became unfeasible and just like every other politician broke his promise.
The reason for this script is that i feel every student is aware of the situation however, from all the riot and violence that has been going on the general public is either not understanding fully why the students are so angry and why they are reacting like this, so i feel my video will be aimed at the general public to make them aware of the pledges we were promised and how Nick Clegg broke them like he said he wouldn't, so that the general public can back the universities and maybe make a change.
Instead of making a story board i made a script with annotation of effects i wanted, my script and effects i feel was placed out like a story with a beginning, middle and end, i did this with colours, the beginning starting a black background then moving to white then different colours at the end, i felt like made the viewer know that different things were happening and to break the piece up. I used one font through out this was because with my research i found that a lot of strong view where shown with one font so that the emphasis is on the point being portrayed however i do want my font to be noticed as i feel it is a powerful and bold font which reflects to my view and point in my animation.
I used after effects with my project which i found very time consuming especially having a large script, i wanted several different effects throughout my piece so it flowed well and kept the audiences attention, i used scale, rotation, opacity, position, pace and source text change, this gave my piece a depth to it, and i feel by each movement the next part flowed on so the viewer wanted more, i used words against each other or with other to create meaning, i also felt that music would be a huge part of my piece to give it the right atmosphere, and convey the right emotion throughout, i felt the piece of music i choose 'Almost Home' soundtrack to Social Network worked the best with my animation i felt as the animation grew so did the music, so the rhythm of the piece built to create an atmosphere, it pulled the animation and the music together to portray the point i wanted to convey, i felt that it made the type easier to read as the music flows throughout. I added sound the after effects by converting it to a wav. file which was readable for after effects.
I wanted my piece to be shown in a public place like at the beginning of a cinema film or projected in a shopping center so that the general public will either have to watch it say at the cinema or to catch the attention of the public in a shopping center being projected either way i want the public to be aware of the situation and i feel if this video if shown they may get a better understanding of how the students feel.
I felt that having a flow chart managed my time a lot easier as i knew what technology i needed to use and at what stage i needed to use it at.
My development for this project involved going back over the movie and making small editing changes just so that when the viewer watches the video it flows and doesn't make a sudden flicker etc, as shown in my processes some things i changed were only little but made a bit difference. I felt this made me very picky on the small details however i feel the small detail is everything in an animation and it is what makes certain animation work successfully or not.
I feel my animation does portray the point i wanted to show and does make people aware of how students feel, however if i had more time i may have used more effects and made it more detailed with higher level of skill and maybe try new fonts, just to see if different fonts gave it different angles, so that the viewer knew that different people were talking, or having a point of view.

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